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T-Sketch Illuminated Message Shirt

T-Sketch Illuminated Message Shirt

T-Sketch Shirt (Image courtesy Thumbs Up (UK))
By Andrew Liszewski

Are you tired of novelty light-up shirts that only display graphic EQs, supposed ‘love meters‘ or even just a boring game of Pong? Have you ever wished you could find an electroluminescent shirt that really expresses your true thoughts and feelings about anything or everything? Well look no further than the T-Sketch which features a wipe-clean panel with an electroluminescent light source underneath that will cause whatever you write on it to glow or flash. The exact details on how it works are kind of sketchy (ha! get it? sketchy? cause you sketch on it and stuff?) but what I do know is that if you go walking through a night club wearing this shirt with your phone number written on the front, you’ll be sorting through voicemails and text messages from the ladies (or gents) for weeks. You can get one from Thumbs UP (UK) for about $55.

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