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Oregon Scientific RMS600 Weather Station With USB Upload

Oregon Scientific RMS600 (Image courtesy Oregon Scientific) By Andrew Liszewski

It’ll be a long time before another company manages to wrangle the title of ‘Most Prolific Home Weather Station Maker’ away from Oregon Scientific, and to ensure they stay well ahead of the pack, the company has just released a handful of new models. This one in particular caught my eye since it includes a USB upload function that allows you to send the weather data to your PC where you can keep track of weather changes and patterns over time using a piece of included software.

The RMS600’s other features include an auto-setting clock that uses the atomic time broadcasts, indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity measurements, a 12 hour forecast, weather warnings which include ice, heat, storm, fog and frost alerts and it will even show you the current phase of the moon. The main unit is powered by 3 AA batteries while the remote sensor that goes outside requires just one.

At the moment the RMS600 is still listed as “Coming Soon!” on the Oregon Scientific website, but when available (not sure when that is exactly) it’ll have a price tag of $89.99.

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