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GPS Navigation Unit For The Disabled

GPS Navigation Unit For The Disabled

By Jonathan Kimak

For people who are disabled or care for a family member that’s disabled it can get frustrating when you have to go somewhere. While plenty of shops and offices are becoming more accessible there are still many that are not. This GPS unit from NAVTEQ, called the BBNav(short for Blue Badge Navigator), was designed to help people living in the United Kingdom and Ireland to locate disabled accessible spots.

The BBNav has a list of 10,000 handicap parking spots(called blue badge spots) and 3,500 parking garages that are graded 1-3 based on their accessibility. As well, there is a list of 20,000 points of interest tailored specifically for people with disabilities.

The GPS unit comes with all of the standard features including a 4.3 inch touchscreen and bluetooth calling capabilities. The price hasn’t been listed yet.

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