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The Ultimate Arcade Cabinet? You Decide.

The Ultimate Arcade Cabinet? You Decide.

By Jonathan Kimak

A forum member over at Over-Clock UK named Mayhem has gone and built himself a nice gaming cabinet. So nice that it can play every emulated and non-emulated game available in a case that resembles an arcade machine.

The C-MACCS (Complete – Multi Arcade Console Computer System) includes a PC with an Intel quad core q6600, 3 GB Ram, 6.5 Terabytes of Hard Drive Space (including PS3 and Xbox) and the
GeForce 8800GT video card. In addition it houses a Playstation 3, XBOX, XBOX 360, Wi, Dreamcast, PSP, and the Nintendo DS. It also has a 32-inch touch screen.

The hard drives are currently storing 2.5 million videos, almost every ROM known to mankind and tons of images and music that can be played when the system is on the jukebox setting.

Total build cost £3911.20 which is roughly $7000 US. This is the price listed by the creator of the C-MACCS, other sites seem to have exaggerated the price.

Unfortunately we don’t have any other pictures of the C-MACCS as Mayhem’s photobucket monthly account bandwidth has been overloaded since this started hitting the blogs.

[ Mayhem’s Blog ] VIA [ DVICE ]