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Multi-Tiered Pro Gaming Table

Multi-Tiered Pro Gaming Table

Pro Gaming Table (Image courtesy Digital Edge Inc.)
By Andrew Liszewski

While being a professional PC gamer would definitely help you pay for this unique gaming table (not sure why they don’t call it a desk) even the most passive X-Plane or Flight Simulator enthusiast will appreciate the multi-tiered design which accommodates a yoke, joystick, throttle and other gaming peripherals. All 3 levels feature a glossy black enamel finish and there’s enough room for up to three 21 inch LCD monitors as well as other boring PC accessories like a printer. And like I said, if you’re a pro gamer who actually gets paid for playing, the $379 price tag probably isn’t that hard to swallow, but the rest of us might want to put this one on our Christmas lists instead.

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