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Moldy Bags Prevents Your Lunch From Being Stolen

Moldy Bags Prevents Your Lunch From Being Stolen

By Luke Anderson

I’m fortunate to not work in an environment where I have to worry about my co-workers stealing my lunch from the office refrigerator. However, I’ve known a few people to have their sandwiches (or whatever) turn up missing when it comes time for their lunch break. It’s usually pretty obvious that their food was not taken by accident, which meant that someone decided that they were hungry enough to eat someone else’s lunch. So how does one protect themselves from lunchtime thieves? Make your food appear as repulsing as possible.

If you don’t mind eating gross food, you could always just make sure that you bring something that no one would want to eat. If that’s too much, then just disguise your food as something disgusting. These moldy bags will no doubt make sure that your food is passed up when someone goes scrounging for lunch. These appear to only be a concept for now, so you’ll just have to let your food grow its own mold.

[ Sherwood Forlee ] VIA [ UberReview ]