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Text In The Snow With Dots Gloves

Text In The Snow With Dots Gloves

By Luke Anderson

Early adopters have already gone through a winter with their iPhone. This means that some of you have no doubt attempted to not only use the phone in cold climates, but probably tried your hand (gotta love the bad puns) at texting with gloves on. While you might be able to navigate some of the menus and place calls to an existing contact, I can’t imagine that texting would be possible at all. That is unless you were wearing a pair of Dots Gloves.

At first glance these appear to be your average cheap dollar store gloves. However, those little dots (thus the name) on the tips of the fingers are what makes them interesting. These rounded electro-sensitive dots are perfect for tapping out quick notes to friends and family while you’re outside in the freezing cold. While you may worry that you’ll damage the screen by poking at it with metal beads, rest assured that they are smooth and curved to ensure no harm will come to your precious phone. Depending on whether you want regular knit gloves or rag wool fabric, you can pick up a pair for just $10-$15.

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