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PureCart Shopping Cart Purification System

PureCart Shopping Cart Purification System

PureCart Purification System (Image courtesy PureCart Systems)By Andrew Liszewski

I’m far from being a germophobe, but when wandering through the grocery store I can’t help but wonder what micro-organisms might be living on the handle of my shopping cart. Well according to the PureCart Systems website, the average shopping cart handle actually has upwards of a million germs on it, which could lead to sickness, death or just a really icky feeling. And that’s why their PureCart System actually seems like a pretty good idea.

Instead of providing shoppers with disinfectant wipes that are really only ever used to clean the handle and maybe the child seat, the PureCart System uses an FDA and EPS approved quick-drying sanitizing solution to quickly clean the entire cart. Sanitizing a cart is as easy as pushing it through the cleaning station where the solution is automatically sprayed on, and for non-wheeled items like a basket or a child seat a wand is also provided to make purifying them just as easy. The system supposedly only costs the store about 1 to 2 cents per cart once installed, and would no doubt help them lure that lucrative obsessive-compulsive crowd.

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