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Chinon Heat Watcher Watch

Chinon Heat Watcher Watch

Chinon Heat Watcher (Images courtesy Chinon & CrunchGear)
By Andrew Liszewski

I’m about 90% sure I suffered a heatstroke while watching the Red Bull Air Races that were held in Detroit back in June, and it was mostly because of my own stupidity. In hindsight, standing on the shore of a river in direct sunlight for 7 hours while holding a particularly heavy camera and lens was a stupid idea, but thankfully a Japanese company called Chinon has developed a watch to help combat heatstroke. (And possibly a lack of common sense.) The Heat Watcher watch can be set to one of 3 different levels depending on how intense you expect your physical activity to be will be while in the sun, and you can also specify your own physical condition from one of 2 pre-set levels. This information is then combined with temperature readings of your body and measurements of the humidity in the air (using a built-in hygrometer) to determine when the watch should notify you that it’s time to have a drink or take a break in order to avoid heatstroke.

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