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Pottery Barn Makes Star Wars Bedsheets Cool Again – Kind Of

Pottery Barn Makes Star Wars Bedsheets Cool Again – Kind Of

Star Wars Bedding (Images courtesy Pottery Barn Kids)
By Andrew Liszewski

I guess it really depends on when you grew up, but if you were a kid between 1977 to 1983, there’s a good chance you might have spent your nights sleeping in a set of awesome Star Wars themed bedding. In fact it probably made you the king of the playground for a few years, until of course you ‘grew up’ and those Star Wars sheets lost their coolness factor. But Pottery Barn is trying to make those Star Wars sheets cool again, and even if your wife refuses to redo the master bedroom in a Star Wars theme, there’s nothing stopping you from forcing it on your kids. Everything you’d need to properly outfit a bed is available from sheets that range in price from $14 to $109, to quilted bedding that costs as much as $219. And even though they’re technically being sold by Pottery Barn Kids, they all come in queen sizes as well as full and twin, making them adult friendly.

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