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Toyota MR2 Custom In-Dash Computer Puts KITT To Shame

Toyota MR2 Custom In-Dash Computer Puts KITT To Shame

Customized Toyota MR2 (Images courtesy
By Andrew Liszewski

I don’t know what’s more surprising, how elaborate this Toyota MR2’s custom in-dash PC installation is, or the fact that the owner has actually decided to sell the car after putting so much work into it. As you can see, the standard dashboard gauges and displays in member LaroCroft’s MR2 have been completely replaced with 3 LCD displays providing access and info to almost every function you could ever need while behind the wheel. GPS (thanks to Microsoft Mappoint 2006), advanced climate control, lighting, mirrors, engine performance, fuel consumption and of course an elaborate entertainment system for playing music and movies. It’s all powered by a dual-core 2GHz PC with 1GB of RAM and can be operated by a touch screen interface, or by using a 3Dconnexion SpaceNavigator 3D Mouse which is embedded in the center console. Just keep in mind that interested buyers should have a pretty solid knowledge of electronics and programming in Visual Basic if they plan to do any further tinkering.

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