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The Dark Knight Was More Realistic Than We Thought

The Dark Knight Was More Realistic Than We Thought

By Jonathan Kimak

Batman Begins did a lot to make everything seem realistic or at least more believable than the previous incarnations of Batman did. Well, the part where Batman’s suit stiffens and allows him to glide is something that’s now real, at least partially.

Students at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology have created a suit that could allow a person to jump out of a plane and glide on their own. It would be able to allow the person wearing it to glide farther than traditional gliding suits.

After a multitude of tests it was determined that the suit should only be worn by professional pilots due to the extreme nature of the drag that could be produced if the suit wearer were to fly in an improper position.

The Superman-like flying pose for example, would turn a lovely glide into a nightmare for the glider. While the suit has been tested in wind tunnels and other trials, an actual test out of an airplane has not occurred.

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