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TOMY’s New RC ‘Helicopter’ – The QFO

TOMY’s New RC ‘Helicopter’ – The QFO

Takara TOMY QFO (Image courtesy Akihabara News)
By Andrew Liszewski

There’s not a lot of info on these new flying toys from TOMY, but apparently the ‘QFO’ as they’re calling it was recently shown at the 2008 Tokyo Toy Show and is the next item in the company’s ‘Q-series’ of miniature remote control vehicles. They’re designed to be flown indoors using an infra-red remote control, and while you can’t actually steer them around a room in any capacity, they can fly to a height of about 26 feet. I’ve managed to dig up a video that DigInfo shot of the QFO in action, and I think the small form factor will be their biggest appeal.

The QFOs will probably be available come late September, and will come with a UFO body that can be attached for added effect.

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