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Kingston Releases 8 Gig SDHC Combo

Kingston Releases 8 Gig SDHC Combo

By Evan Ackerman

Released today at CTIA was this Multi-Kit which bundles an 8 gig micro SDHC card with both fullsize and mini SD adapters and a tiny little USB micro reader. The system is designed to facilitate data transfers between your computer, mobile phone, digital camera, or whatever else you have that eats SDHC (not SD, mind you) cards. Or, you can just use it as a USB key with swappable/upgradeable storage. Whatever you decide to use it for, the card itself comes with a lifetime warranty (with a * after it, so my guess is that they won’t replace it if you accidentally inhale the itty bitty little card) The 4 gig version costs $22 and the 8 gig is only $40, which is a pretty good deal for so much storage in such a teeny and versatile package.

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