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Wear Your Geek Pride On Your Belt

Wear Your Geek Pride On Your Belt

By Luke Anderson

I’m not the kind of guy that goes out of his way to keep up with the latest fashion trends. I tend to just wear whatever is comfortable, and doesn’t look half bad. What I will go out of my way for is a piece of clothing that has awesome geek appeal. I don’t really get into the big belt buckles (even if they’re not just for cowboys anymore) but these retro belt buckles are definitely worth a look.

Ms. Pac-Man, Super Mario, Donkey Kong and Asteroids all make an appearance on this special line of buckles. These are all hand-crafted and made from solid brass toned metal. Since they are made by hand, quantities are limited, and at $18 each, they won’t last.

[ Etsy ] VIA [ GamerFront ]


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