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Sausage Grill Forks Are A Must-Have For Bonfires

Sausage Grill Forks Are A Must-Have For Bonfires

By Luke Anderson

Just this past weekend I found myself sitting near a bonfire with friends and family. At one point in the night we decided that it was time to make s’mores. We already had all of the ingredients, but unfortunately we didn’t have anything to roast the marshmallows on. I don’t know if you’ve ever tried cutting down a tree branch in the dark, but it’s not an easy task. Now that I’ve discovered the Sausage Grill Forks, I might be able to save myself the trouble.

These simple pieces of wire will attach to most thin sticks or poles and allow you to roast marshmallows and hot dogs over an open flame with ease. No more whittling down a branch to a sharp point, just pop it on and you’re good to go. For $13, it’s definitely a good addition to anyone’s camping gear.

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