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Geeky Doorbell Speaks For Itself

Geeky Doorbell Speaks For Itself

By Luke Anderson

Are you a hardcore geek that wants to let everyone know of your love for gadgetry even before they set foot in your house? Sure, you could put down a doormat with the word “welcome” written in binary, but some people might miss it. What you could do is change out your doorbell with one made to look like the enter key from a keyboard.

This is one of those designs that just makes you chuckle when you see it. It seems like a perfect match, the word “enter” on a doorbell; it just doesn’t get much better than that. This is only a concept idea, but I’m sure if you had an old keyboard, a Dremel and some glue you could make a pretty decent one for yourself.

[ LabExp ] VIA [ UberGizmo ]