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PNY Flash Drive Comes Loaded With Ghostbusters

PNY Flash Drive Comes Loaded With Ghostbusters

By Luke Anderson

When it comes time for you to purchase a new USB flash drive, you’ll find that the market is simply bursting with products to choose from. With so much competition it can be hard for a manufacturer to make their gadget stand out. This latest drive from PNY seems to grab my attention fairly well.

PNY teamed up with Sony Pictures Home Entertainment to bring us this 2GB flash drive which happens to contain a digital copy of the original Ghostbusters movie. Of course the movie is DRM-protected and won’t play unless the flash drive is connected to your computer, which is quite a downer. What’s worse is they didn’t bother to actually mark the drive itself in any way to indicate that it contains such an awesome movie. The high price of around $53 is a bit much for a measly 2GB flash drive, even if it does have a movie on it.

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