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Love Meter T-Shirt

Love Meter T-Shirt

Love Meter T-Shirt (Image courtesy Lazybone)
By Andrew Liszewski

While those light-up shirts that respond to sound or wireless networks might get you the odd look or the occasional chuckle, the Love Meter T-Shirt has the potential to get you a lot more. Apparently the concepts of love and proximity are interchangeable, so as you move closer to another person wearing one of these shirts, the ‘love meter’ will actually increase, and as you move away, the ‘love meter’ drops. I suspect that unless you buy two of these shirts you’re not going to stumble across someone else wearing one on a regular basis, and if you’re concerned about other people getting too close for comfort, you can always switch it off or yank out the battery pack before the ‘love meter’ fills up.

At about $44 from the Love Meter T-Shirts are a bit on the expensive side, not to mention that the manufacturer seems to have lifted the idea from the 8-Bit Dynamic Life Shirt that ThinkGeek already sells.

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