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Make Your Own Portable Atari Game

Make Your Own Portable Atari Game

By Luke Anderson

How often have you been sitting at a bus stop or stuck in line at the DMV wishing you could play some Pac-Man? Sure, if you’ve got an iPhone you could just use that to play. However, if you’re not too bad with a soldering iron, then you could just make your own handheld Atari console.

Someone has done exactly that, and provided some good documentation on how to create one yourself. You’ll need a Namco TV Games controller, along with a 2.5-inch screen and a few other parts. Being handy with a soldering iron probably wouldn’t hurt either. It looks like a fun project, and with a bit of work, you could probably come up with a nicer looking case.

[ BenHeck ] VIA [ GamerFront ]


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