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Teddy Bear USB Drive Now Available To The Masses

Teddy Bear USB Drive Now Available To The Masses

By Luke Anderson

Remember way, way back in 2006 when we showed you an awesome USB flash drive mod featuring a decapitated teddy bear? That was seriously one of my favorite mods, simply from the picture of a bear’s body sticking out of a USB port. Well, someone has done the unthinkable. They’ve decided to mass-produce a similar drive and sell it to the public.

The drive looks like an ordinary teddy bear, but simply rip off its head, and you’ve got yourself a 1GB flash drive. I have to say that I’m disappointed in the 1GB capacity, but I’m willing to overlook it due to just how awesome the drive itself is. If you have a morbid sense of humor, then by all means pick one of these up for $17.

[ USB Geek ] VIA [ GeekAlerts ]


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