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GM To Offer A Reconfigurable Performance Display In Select Vehicles Come 2009

GM's Reconfigurable Performance Display (Image courtesy GM Tuner Source)
By Andrew Liszewski

Starting in 2009, General Motors will be offering an optional ‘reconfigurable performance display’ that will allow drivers, particularly those concerned with their vehicle’s performance, to monitor everything from engine torque to horsepower to the G-forces they pulled in that last corner. The display accesses data from the car’s OBD II on-board vehicle diagnostics system which is typically used by mechanics for troubleshooting or tuning the vehicle’s performance. And while this data has already been available to drivers via third-party systems and software, the reconfigurable performance display will be an official GM dealer installed option with a price tag of $295.

In addition to providing feedback on the vehicle’s performance, the display can also be used to enable/disable traction control, provide shift lights for individual gears and gives the driver easy access to other options. While there’s no word on which vehicles in GM’s lineup will be eligible for the upgrade, it’s safe to say those brandishing the SS moniker will be some of the first.

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