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If Jack Bauer Used A Diary, It Would Probably Be This One

If Jack Bauer Used A Diary, It Would Probably Be This One

By Jonathan Kimak

As far as I know diaries are a thing of the past. Why keep your thoughts to yourself when you can put every single thought on your blog for all to see. But for the more secretive people who want a place to write their thoughts there is the Secret Diary.

The USB Diary plugs into your computer and lets you type out all your thoughts and feelings or describe more manly activities like how many guns you own and who’s butt you kicked today. But seriously, the color scheme and print media all suggest this is for girls. The device comes with military-grade 256-bit AES crypto encryption with a self-destruct that deletes everything if someone tries a brute-force hack. It is also guarded by a 4-digit PIN. Secure, online backups are also available.

Other features include horoscope, fortune cookie app, dream interpreter and applications that give you ideas about what to write.

Price not yet available.

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