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Sony Increases Hard Drive, Decreases Features Of New PS3

Sony Increases Hard Drive, Decreases Features Of New PS3

By Luke Anderson

If you’ve been wanting a PS3, but have been waiting around to see if they would up the hard drive just a bit more, you’re in luck. Sony has just announced that they will be releasing a 160GB model this November. This is double the storage space of the previous model, but the bigger hard drive comes as a price.

Yes, they have increased the cost of the new version to $500, but that’s not what I’m talking about. In order to cut costs, they have left out features such as the built-in card reader and backwards compatibility. Backwards compatibility has been a major issue with PS3 fans, and it seems that Sony is killing it off for good.

What you will get in the box is a DualShock 3 controller, and Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune and a voucher to download Pain from the PlayStation Store. Honestly, if you’re concerned about hard drive space and backwards compatibility, just find yourself an older model and upgrade the hard drive yourself.

VIA [ Crave ]