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Turtle Hunts Down And Catches Criminal, Eventually.

Turtle Hunts Down And Catches Criminal, Eventually.

By Jonathan Kimak

This is part interesting and part adorable. A GPS-fitted box turtle helped uncover a marijuana grow-op in Rock Creek Park, south of Maryland. The turtle was wearing the GPS device for a research project run by park rangers. It’s not sure what sort of research the turtle was performing but my guess is it has something to do with fighting evil ninjas.

The turtle stumbled upon an area filled with marijuana plants. When a park ranger followed the GPS signal to retrieve the hero turtle they found the stash and also determined the culprit was a 19 year-old named Isiah Johnson of Chevy Chase, Maryland. Isiah will be charged and the unamed drug sniffing turtle will go back to the sewers, I mean ranger outpost, to fight crime another day.

[ WUSA9 ] VIA [ Tech Digest ]

  • Korinthian

    That’s a beautiful turtle. What kind is it?

  • nick

    that is the most horrible turtle i have ever seen. seriously

  • Funny story 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Looks like an Eastern Box turtle.

  • Jen

    You go little guy! Turtle Power!

  • Harry Palms

    Pretty silly, they make it sound as if the turtle was out actively searching for marijuana fields. Why waste time and money with turtles when theres dogs already trained to do that? For every one patch of plants a turtle could possible manage to find a trained dog could find 100. Last time I checked the park rangers werent DEA so its obvious he was doing something else with the turtle. Rangers are told to report MJ plantsthey stumble upon, not actively go out and look for them.