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Logitech V550 Nano Mouse Clips To Your Notebook

Logitech V550 Nano Mouse Clips To Your Notebook

By Luke Anderson

When I use my laptop, I rarely plug in a mouse, as I can generally get by with just the touchpad. However, if I know that I’m going to be working with some mouse-intensive applications like Photoshop for a bit, I’ll generally use a mouse to make my life easier. Some people prefer to never have to use a touchpad at all, and always keep a mouse with them. So for those people, here is an interesting device from Logitech.

If for some reason you like to carry your laptop around without a case or sleeve, then you’ll love this mouse. It features a clip which mounts (aka sticks) to the lid of your notebook that allows you to attach the mouse to. I’m sure that it will be great if you’re dragging your laptop all over the office, but once you go to put it away in your laptop case, then the clip is pretty useless.

Aside from the clip, it’s a pretty basic wireless mouse from Logitech. It has a tiny 2.4GHz wireless receiver that can stay inserted in your laptop without sticking out very far. If carrying around your laptop without a case is your thing, and you hate touchpads, this might just be worth the price of around $95.

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