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Gadget Or The Girl?

Gadget Or The Girl?

By Jonathan Kimak

I’m not surprised that there’s yet another new reality show in development, they spring up like Starbucks. I am a bit surprised about what it’s about though.

Gadget or the Girl will begin airing on Playboy TV on Monday, September 1, at 7:30 p.m. EDT. The show, hosted by Iliza Shlesinger(pictured), will start by having a guy meet 3 beautiful women. He will choose two of the ladies to take on a date. Eventually he will have to choose one of the women to be his only companion for the rest of the evening.

Then he must make one more decision which is the main premise of the game: go on a romantic weekend getaway with the lady or ditch the girl and bring home a brand new gadget.

The guy won’t learn what the gadget is until he has made his choice. Possible gadgets include a 60-inch plasma TV or a home arcade game. I think for the women it would be quite devastating to be dumped for a TV.

So, which would you pick?

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