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Illuminated Drum Sticks For Rock Band

Illuminated Drum Sticks For Rock Band

Illuminated Drumsticks For Rock Band (Image courtesy The Ant Commandos)
By Andrew Liszewski

If you’re dissatisfied with the stock set of drum sticks that come with Rock Band (where’s the flash?) these illuminated sticks from The Ant Commandos should enhance your pretend rock-star status. (Even if you are just the drummer.) The sticks light up in ‘flame red’ or ‘electric blue’ colors when struck on any surface, and are made of a transparent but durable acrylic material. The sticks also have a larger diameter than the included wooden Rock Band sticks, but I think that’s less of a feature and more of a by-product of them having to accommodate a AAA battery. However, the silicon coated tips are a nice addition and will definitely help reduce the amount of noise while you wail away on your fake drum set.

The Flame Red and Electric Blue Illuminated Drum Sticks are available in separate sets from The Ant Commandos for $19.99.

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