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RC Flying Cockroach Isn’t Going To Fool Anyone

RC Flying Cockroach Isn’t Going To Fool Anyone

Taiyo R/C Flying Cockroach (Image courtesy Japan Trend Shop)
By Andrew Liszewski

The PicooZ was the first real RC helicopter that you could safely fly indoors. I mean technically there’s nothing stopping a skilled RC chopper pilot from using a gas-powered model in their living room, but crashes can happen, and going down in a room full of furniture and people is a lot different than going down in an empty field. And given how easy the tiny PicooZ helicopters were to fly, it wasn’t surprising to see how popular they became, and how many knock-offs soon followed. But at least this RC Flying Cockroach manages to set itself apart from other knock-offs by looking like… well… a giant cockroach. (Or a small cockroach, depending on where you live.) The set of rotors sticking out of its back will probably tip people off that it’s not the real thing, though the Japan Trend Shop website does list “scaring your victims” as a potential use. But even if they’re not creeped out when buzzed by a fake, flying cockroach, I guess the risk of getting a set of plastic spinning blades to the face could be just as scary.

Like most of the miniature RC helicopters on the market, the Flying Cockroach is recharged using the remote control (which gobbles up 6 AA batteries) and a 30-minute charge gives you about 5 minutes of flight time. You can get your own from the Japan Trend Shop for $59.00.

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