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Fuel Checker Makes Sure You Grabbed The Right Handle

Fuel Checker Makes Sure You Grabbed The Right Handle

By Luke Anderson

Have you ever put the wrong type of fuel in your car? I’m not talking about skimping out and getting regular when your car calls for premium. No, I’m wondering if you’ve ever put diesel into your gas tank by mistake? Well, now there’s a handy gadget that can check whether or not you’re putting the right stuff in your vehicle.

Install this little gadget on the inside of your fuel flap, then just hold the fuel nozzle up to it ever time you fill up. It will light up to tell you whether or not you’ve got the right type. Seriously, do we really need something like this? Why not just look at the pump and make sure you grabbed the right one? Heck, if I’m not mistaken, the nozzle on a diesel pump is actually larger than that of regular gas so it won’t fit into your car. If you’re really paranoid, then by all means pick one of these up for around $40

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