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Beer Belt Turns You Into Duffman

Beer Belt Turns You Into Duffman

By Luke Anderson

Have you ever been at a party and went to grab a cold one, only to find nothing but ice in the cooler? Talk about a major buzzkill. Now if there were only a way to lay claim to several beers at once, to ensure you’d have plenty for later. Well that’s where the Beer Belt comes into play.

This handy utility belt allows you to store up to six ice cold brews on your person. While this may seem like a cool idea, you will look like an idiot, and everyone will be looking at you when they run out of beer. Honestly, I think whoever created this $18 gadget should lay off The Simpsons for a bit.

[ Urban Outfitters ] VIA [ Dvice ]


3 responses to “Beer Belt Turns You Into Duffman”

  1. Sn0zz says:

    Not to mention that by the time you’ll get to beer #6, it’ll be warm. Or maybe I should learn to chug faster..

  2. Conall says:

    Definitely need to have a cooler in the belt too.

  3. BoardkilL says:

    This combined with a few stubbie holders should do the trick I reckon. Still would look pretty damn stupid though, but at least it would keep the beer nice and lukewarm. :p