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Disc Eraser Improves On A Metal Key With A $16 Price Tag

Disc Eraser Improves On A Metal Key With A $16 Price Tag

Compact Disc Eraser (Images courtesy SunZag LLC.)
By Andrew Liszewski

Depending what’s on a CD or DVD I’m discarding (work backups etc.) I’ll occasionally have at it with a metal key or blade before I stick it in the trash. There are of course other ways to destroy a disc, like breaking it (which usually results in plastic splinters going all over the place) or even using a microwave which can also give you a few minutes of fame on YouTube if you video the disc’s demise.

But if you’re the type who likes to use a specific tool for every single job (a uni-tasker as Alton Brown calls them) I’m sure the Disc Eraser will appeal to you. It’s a simple plastic device that features a sliding blade mechanism that creates a deep scratch through all of the strategic data regions on a disc. According to the website, a CD or DVD that’s been ‘treated’ with the Disc Eraser is completely unreadable, even by professional data recovery experts. At $15.99 it’s a bit steep if you’re like me and only destroy a handful of discs every year, but if you’ve got a government job that has you destroying media on a daily basis, it might be worth it.

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