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Treadwall Takes Rock Climbing To New Heights

Treadwall Takes Rock Climbing To New Heights

By Luke Anderson

Despite the fact that I spend most of my time sitting at a desk anymore, I actually love the great outdoors. It’s unfortunate that the nearest place to hike is almost two hours from me, as it’s one of my favorite activities. Something else I’ve always wanted to do is rock climb, but finding someplace to do that is even more difficult. However, if a local gym had one of these Treadwalls, I might look into it.

Think of this as a treadmill for rock climbers. It is essentially one of those rock climbing walls, only it is set on a revolving belt. The speed is partially determined by the climber’s weight and power pulling up, so the better you get, the faster it goes. You can also manually adjust the speed to some degree. I really think that something like this would be a lot of fun, as I’ve enjoyed those 25-foot tall rock climbing walls, but you reach the top just as things start to get fun. You’ll need to shell out $10,000 for one, so you’re better off trying to talk your local gym into buying one.

VIA [ CoolestGadgets ]