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Giant Digital Clock Bookcase

Giant Digital Clock w CD Holder (Image courtesy
By Andrew Liszewski

Depending on what you compare it to, this Giant Digital Clock bookcase may or may not actually qualify as being ‘giant’. If you put it next to your alarm clock or even your digital watch, then sure, the glowing LED numbers are actually pretty big, if not giant. But if you compare it to a moderately sized bookcase, it definitely falls far below the giant mark. It’s actually only designed to hold CD jewel cases (people still keep those?) and at just 14 inches tall you’ll be hard pressed to fit anything else larger than a paperback in those holes. There’s no pricing info for the clock on the Anka Manufacturing company’s website, so if you’re interested in picking one up (or several thousand) you’ll have to make a sales inquiry first.

[ CD Clock ] VIA [ technabob ]

  • Conall

    The clock is so hard to read, even when it’s on my computer screen. Still…I totally want it. I’d love to have people ask the time and then I could point to my huge bookcase clock and say…duh!

  • tr

    yeah, too bad this isn’t bookcase-sized. i want a whole wall unit that is a clock. i bet it would be pretty sweet at night, with all the lights turned off.

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    This Giant Digital Clock bookcase may or may not actually qualify as being ‘giant’.

  • Dennis Ames

    Yes this could be pretty easily done with a board with four seven segment driver chips and transistors or relays to power the LED strips.

  • Emil Ljungberg

    Should be fairly easy done with something like an arduino and some led-strips.