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Monthly Archives: July 2008

Kicker Arcade Machine

Kicker Machine (Image courtesy Andrew Liszewski

Here’s an updated take on the classic ‘test your strength’ hammer game which is a staple of carnivals and midways all over the world. But instead of slamming a hammer down onto a target in hopes of ringing a bell (and impressing the ladies) the Kicker machine simply has you kicking a football/soccer ball to see how strong your kick measures up.

To be honest, my friends and I have never sat around a table telling stories about how strong we can kick in an attempt to one-up the previous guy, but if we did, it’s nice to know there’s now a way to settle that debate. And I imagine if you played football/soccer on a regular basis this could probably also serve as a training aid to help you improve your shot strength. As long as a stronger kick is worth about $7,960 to you.

[ Kicker Machine ] VIA [ Born Rich ]

Pizza Scissors Make Slicing Pies Much Easier

By Luke Anderson

I am a lover of pizza. Any time I’m visiting a new place, I always have to check out one of the local pizza joints. Of course when I’m at home, I like to make my own pizza (none of that frozen stuff for me) from my secret recipe. While I have the process down to an art, I’ve yet to find a way of cutting the pizza that I really like. I don’t like the way that the round cutters damage my pans, and straight-edge ones aren’t much better. I’m actually tempted by these pizza scissors.

Here you have a wedge-shaped spatula combined with a pair of kitchen shears. Just slide it under the area you want, and cut. It’s a pretty simple concept, and should work fairly well I would think. You can pick one up for around $20.

[ Skymall ] VIA [ RGS ]

Vortex Fountain Is Perfect For Those Who’ve Always Wanted A Giant Toilet In Their Front Yard

Charybdis Fountain (Images courtesy William Pye)
By Andrew Liszewski

Now don’t get me wrong. This vortex fountain known as ‘Charybdis’ which is located in Seaham Hall, Sunderland (UK) definitely catches the eye, but it’s oddly reminiscent of a giant see-through toilet that’s just been flushed. (Not that I’ve encountered a giant see-through toilet before mind you.) Designed by William Pye, the Charybdis fountain is his largest vortex water sculpture to date, and it was created using a large acrylic polymer cylinder which allows an air-core vortex to form as water is pumped in a circular motion. Not surprisingly the fountain also relies on a heavy-duty water filtration system which is necessary to keep the vortex clean and spinning properly.

[ William Pye’s Charybdis Vortex Fountain ] VIA [ Night4Joy ]

Treadmill With Virtual Reality Simulates Walking Outside But Without All That Pesky Fresh Air

By Jonathan Kimak

The University of Tsukuba in Japan is creating a treadmill that will help with the rehabilitation of people who have had strokes or other similar illnesses. The immersive dome has a visual range of 270 degrees that will allow the person on the treadmill to feel as if they are in a different environment.

It’s too bad that this is only being developed for use in hospitals as I could see this becoming a hit in the gyms if there were a multitude of environments to choose from. I can think of running alongside marathon runners, or running against olympic athletes or even running through a futuristic society being chased by killer robots as good ideas for this technology.

VIA [ Ubergizmo ]

Fabrik [re]drive Is World’s Most Eco-Friendly External Hard Drive

This post is syndicated with permission from

Going green is the latest big thing for companies and product manufacturers. Many different items we use with our computers are getting more energy efficient. The gear is also being built with materials that have less of an impact on the environment– certainly a good thing.

Fabrik has announced what it calls the world’s most eco-friendly external hard drive today called the Fabrik SimpleTech [re]drive. The drive enclosure is made from recycled aluminum and bamboo. Fabrik packages an Energy Star power adapter with the drive and the actual package material the [re]drive ships in is made from 100% recycled materials.

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Custom Cloned Eyeball Lamps

Cloned Eyeball Lamps (Images courtesy 5.5 Designers)
By Andrew Liszewski

How’s this for a conversation starter at your next party? You’ll be hard pressed to find a guest who isn’t at least a bit curious about the basketball-sized glowing glass eyeballs you have sitting on your end table. Available from 5.5 Designers, the Cloned Eyeball Lamps are actually custom made based on the color and unique design of your own eyes. You apparently need to fill out a special form which includes selecting a color that best matches your peepers, as well as providing a set of photos of your eyes so that glassblower Livio Serena can accurately create an exact clone of them. I have no idea how much something like this costs, but it’s safe to assume it’s not the type of thing you’ll find a coupon for.

[ Cloned Eyeball Lamps ] VIA [ Shiny Shiny ]

How Tie Comes With Instructions

How Tie (Image courtesy Fred & Friends)
By Andrew Liszewski

If you’ve ever spent half an hour in front of a mirror trying to tie a real tie, you know how tempting those clip-on models can be. But unless you happen to be 7 years old, you probably don’t want to get caught wearing one. So to make the process of tying a real one easier, the How Tie (designed by Dima Komissarov and made from 100% silk twill) includes easy to follow instructions on the tie itself. That way when you’re standing in front of a mirror you don’t have to keep glancing down at your laptop to see the instructions you’ve downloaded, since they’ll be staring you right in the face.

[ Fred & Friends – How Tie ]

Scent-Emitting LCD Displays Used To Enhance Restaurant Advertisements

Recruit Co Ltd. Scent Advertisements (Image courtesy
By Andrew Liszewski

A company in Japan called Recruit Co Ltd. is using a unique system to lure people into the restaurants and cafes in the underground mall of the Tokyo Station. Developed by NTT Communications Corp. the system emits appetizing aromas that correspond to a video advertisement being shown on a 42-inch LCD display. The idea is that passers-by will be attracted by the smells, wander over to the kiosk to watch the advertisements, and then take a coupon book which will hopefully bring them into the restaurants. My only experience with artificial scents is the scratch n’ sniff stickers I had in grade school, and as I recall the only ones that didn’t make me wretch in disgust were strawberries and grapes. So maybe (and hopefully) artificial scent technologies have come a long way since then.

[ LCD display emits appetizing aromas along with the advertising videos in underground mall of Tokyo Station ]

The Dark Knight Bat-Logo Projector Key Ring

Batman: The Dark Knight: Bat-Logo Projector Key Ring (Image courtesy Andrew Liszewski

I have to say I’m a bit confused by this Dark Knight projector key ring. My first guess was that someone had a warehouse full of LED flashlights left over from the old, pre-Nolan Batman films, which would explain why it projects the old Batman logo. But since Batman & Robin (shudder) dates back to 1997 when cheap LED flashlights didn’t exist, I’m at a loss.

So my second guess is that this is simply a crappy Photoshop job and whoever put together this product shot couldn’t find a version of the new bat-logo to use. (Even though it’s used on the projector itself.) At least that’s what I hope is going on here. It would be pretty crappy to pick one of these up only to find it does project the old bat-logo for some reason. If I was in trouble and desperately needed Batman’s help I would much prefer the Christian Bale version to show up, instead of the George Clooney one.

You can get it from for about $16.

[ Batman: The Dark Knight: Bat-Logo Projector Key Ring ] VIA [ Nerd Approved ]