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Wake n’ Bacon Lures You Out Of Bed With Fresh Bacon

Wake n’ Bacon Lures You Out Of Bed With Fresh Bacon

By Luke Anderson

I’ve seen a lot of alarm clocks that try every evil tactic in the world to make sure that you get your lazy self out of bed. They generally make you physically get out of bed, or solve some kind of puzzle before they stop making an annoying noise. But what about an alarm that simply made you want to get up, and rewarded you for doing so? That’s exactly the idea behind the Wake n’ Bacon.

The night before, just pop in a frozen strip or two of bacon, and set the alarm. Shortly before it’s time to wake up, it will start cooking the bacon. The idea is that the sweet aroma of greasy bacon will lure you out of sleep, and out of bed. If the smell isn’t enough to wake you, it will set off a small alarm, which should wake you enough to smell your wonderful bacon. Unfortunately it appears to be only a concept device at the moment (though the creators do have a working model). Rest assured, if the price isn’t outrageous, I’d be first in line to get one of these.

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