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Use Bats To Combat Your Yard’s Mosquito Population

By Luke Anderson

I grew up living in the middle of nowhere, so I’m used to dealing with bugs and strange creatures. Of course, no one likes mosquitoes, since they leave you with itchy little bumps. There are plenty of contraptions that promise to rid your yard of the pests, but few actually perform. So what if I told you there was something that was proven to get rid of up to 600 bugs per hour? Would you want something like that in your yard? What if I told you that bug-killer was a bat?

Yes, the average bat will eat around 600 bugs, including mosquitoes, per day (or night rather). With a simple Bat Conservatory you keep a few bats hanging around (bad pun alert!) your yard , and thus keeping the area bug population at a minimum. If you don’t mind the bats being around at night, then install this Bat Conservatory made from Western Red Cedar for around $55.

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  • skeptic

    Um… K…
    So how are you suppose to get 40 bats in there? Do you have to buy them or do they just show up like birds to bird houses?

  • wally

    In North Carolina in my back yard I occasionally see bats at twilight. Most people assume they are birds, but you can tell by their fast and mildly erratic wingbeat that they are bats. I wouldn’t mind putting this on a tree facing away from my house for the mosquito benefits, but my concern would be smell from the guano that would build up on it or under it. Anyone have one of these and care to comment?

  • woodworkingbooks

    There are plenty of contraptions that promise to rid your yard of the pests.