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Fish Scales, The Armor Of The Future

Fish Scales, The Armor Of The Future

By Jonathan Kimak

A new type of armor is being researched by engineers at MIT and will try to emulate the scale armor of a fish. The fish species Polypterus senegalus is believed to have been around for 100 million years and has evolved a very durable armor to withstand attacks from predators. The armor is so effective because the scales have the right chemicals in the right amounts that make each scale very sturdy.

The research was funded by the U.S. Army and when developed is hoped to be used for soldiers, first-responders and even on military vehicles. The analysis of the fish scales is detailed in the July 27 issue of the journal Nature Materials.

So instead of sneaking into abandoned mines with misguided dreams of finding mithril, we should have been out fishing.

VIA [ Live Science ]