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Clean Your Keyboard With Magic Goo

Clean Your Keyboard With Magic Goo

By Luke Anderson

Keyboards are gross and disgusting. Just think about the number of things your hands come into contact with every day. Now imagine how long you spend with your fingers on that keyboard in front of your computer. Finally, think back to the last time you actually cleaned your keyboard. Yea, that’s pretty freaking gross, and unless you have a dishwasher-safe keyboard, they aren’t very easy to clean. However, this Cyber Clean could really come in handy.

This stuff looks like a cross between Silly Putty and that Nickelodeon Gak stuff that they used to sell. Apparently you need do little more than roll this gunk around on your keyboard for a little bit, and your keys will be squeaky clean. You can get a pot that contains a little over a pound of this stuff for right around $16.

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