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We’ve Seen Wine In A Box, But In A Can?

We’ve Seen Wine In A Box, But In A Can?

By Luke Anderson

When I was younger, I always wondered what wine tasted like. Once I even snuck a sip of a bottle in my parents’ house, only to find it was one of the most awful things I’d ever tasted. When I was of age, one of my uncles, who has an appreciation for fine wine (unlike my parents who bought only the cheap stuff) let me taste a few of his favorite bottles. As it turns out, the “better” a wine is, the worse it tastes. For those of you that actually enjoy the taste of wine, could you ever picture yourself drinking it out of a can?

There’s just something about the mental image of a rich socialite holding a can of wine, drinking it with pinky stuck out that makes me laugh a bit. A pair of Swedish designers created a concept recyclable wine cans that no one seems to want to put their wine in. Perhaps it’s that people like to have a resealable bottle, or that they enjoy sniffing their wine out of a large glass. Or maybe it’s the fact that it’ll seem too much like drinking a beer that makes no one want it.

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