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Robot Doctors, Now In Canada

Robot Doctors, Now In Canada

By Jonathan Kimak

Canadian-made robots are making the rounds in rural areas of Nova Scotia. The robots, named I See You, allow patients to see a specialist without having to drive for hours to a large city for a check up. Instead the patient can go to their local hospital and their doctor can communicate with them via the robot. The robot allows for real time video communication between doctor and patient via an internet connection.

The robot is also able to roam around the hospital, being controlled by a remote connected to the doctor’s computer. So patients don’t even have to leave their hospital bed to be seen. It also allows the doctor to see x-rays and the patient’s chart.

The technology was developed by Dr. Ivar Mendez, a neurologist from Halifax. He currently has 3 robots, one in Cape Breton and two that will be deployed in coming months.

It looks pretty cool and seems extremely useful, but it’s a little close to looking like a Dalek for my tastes.

VIA [ CTV News ]


7 responses to “Robot Doctors, Now In Canada”

  1. Earthworm says:

    Well it was only a matter of time before they got into the medical field. After all, they eat medicine to power themselves…

  2. Nathir says:

    I know a Dr. in Lexington, Kentucky who is in the process of installing a control joystick at home so he can run such a robot from his home. The hospital is not far away, but this robot gives the Dr. a chance to remotely check on his patients frequently and still get some sleep at home. Without it, he would have to make many trips to the hospital to see his patients.

  3. Yocto says:

    Max Headroom on wheels?

  4. Anonymous says:

    What a stupid idea! Any Robot can replace the “Clinical eye”of a good physician.Wouldn’t be this idea a way to dismiss the truth?There is an incredible lack of Medical Doctors in Canada!See the Stats!

  5. TOstevo says:

    Reminds me of the MK2 from RoboCop.

  6. grapenuts says:


  7. colin says:

    ICU? That’s clever!