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Guy Goes To Wedding, Discovers Uncle Is Real-Life Solid Snake

Guy Goes To Wedding, Discovers Uncle Is Real-Life Solid Snake

Real Life Solid Snake (Image courtesy Gameplayer)
By Andrew Liszewski

As the story goes, a reader of the Official Australian PlayStation magazine by the name of Alistair Richardson sent in this photo he took at a wedding of an uncle he hadn’t seen in quite a few years. Of course the reason he took the photo was because it turns out his uncle is obviously Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid. I’m pretty sure that game was semi-biographical right? The photos were then cleverly doctored by Gameplayer to show Snake in his more recognizable uniform, and to remove all doubt as to who this really is.

…I have a brother and he got married recently, so I was at the wedding and there were lots of family members about, some of which I had not seen for years. One man in particular caught my attention. An uncle of mine that had aged considerably since I last saw him – maybe more than ten years prior. I looked at him and thought “I recognise that face and not just as the face of my aged uncle.” Then it dawned on me and I found myself thinking “Snake……. Solid Snake?……Snake….What happened…………. Snake………… SSNNNAAAAAKE!”

I had my camera with me and snapped a few shots. So there you have it! Solid Snake in real life! I thought he was a carpenter, but it looks like my uncle is a badass stealth killer.

The only downside is that during the reception he ended up sitting next to his uncle and had to endure hours of cutscenes in between the speeches and the meal. But it makes me wonder who I might run into at the next wedding I attend… oh wait… I almost forgot… I don’t get invited to weddings anymore after ‘the incident’.

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