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Tracking System Ensures That Your Kids Really Are At The Mall

By Luke Anderson

Have you ever wondered where your kid was, and thought it would be nice if you had some way to track them down at any time? I don’t have kids yet, but I seriously hope I don’t have those thoughts. Well, if you do have those thoughts, and want to ensure that your child hates you, then you should definitely check out this device from Keruve.

There are actually two devices here. One is a somewhat ordinary-looking watch, which also happens to be a GPS transmitter (it also uses cell phone towers to help gain the correct location). The other is a handheld GPS receiver which, as you guessed it, keeps track of your kid. Don’t worry about them taking th watch off either, it only comes off with specialized tools. There’s no word on pricing or availability, but I’m sure you could get one for the whole family. I’m sure you’ve always wondered where your grandparents and spouse are at all times as well.

[ Keruve Technology ] VIA [ Medgadget ]

  • mcman

    “Dont worry about them taking the watch off either, it only comes off with specialized tools.”

    Hmm, specialized tools…..Is a knife specialized enough?

  • Jack

    …or you could just leave the watch in the mall at a hidden place, go to anywhere you like, and then return for the watch. “i’ ve been at the mall all day long daddy !!” 😀