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English Patent Curiosa Railroad Pocket Watch Gun

English Patent Curiosa Railroad Pocket Watch Gun

Rare English Patent Curiosa Railroad Pocket Watch Gun (Images courtesy
By Andrew Liszewski

I’ve noticed that security’s gotten pretty tight at my local saloon, and because of it I haven’t even been able to sneak a Derringer past the sheriff at the front door. But I swore I’d avenge my father, and I think this rare english pocket watch will finally give me the chance to take down ‘Wild Bill’ McGraw! The watch looks like something that would turn up at the Antiques Roadshow, but the clock gears inside have been replaced with a 3mm gun. Obviously because of the unique conversion the hands on the watch don’t actually move, so as long as no one asks you the time, your secret will be safe. As for the gun, I assume its a one-shot kind of deal, and given how small the projectile is I imagine you have to be pretty close to your target for it to be effective. But sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

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  • Earthworm

    I once took a wrist watch and wound fishing line in it. Same principal, watch didnt work, and as far as functional, i doubt it would be as effective as piano wire.
    With that 3mm gun, you might as well throw toothpicks at your target.

  • Ronald old

  • Ronald

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