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Tiny Wind-Up Flashlight Is Perfect For Tiny Emergencies

Tiny Wind-Up Flashlight Is Perfect For Tiny Emergencies

Mini Dynamo Keychain (Images courtesy
By Andrew Liszewski

After that massive power failure that hit the US and Canada a few years ago, I’m sure most of us living on the eastern side of the continent now keep at least one flashlight ready in case it happens again. But for those times when the emergency isn’t quite so big, this tiny hand-cranked LED keychain would probably come in handy. It’s just over an inch and a half long but manages to incorporate a fold-up crank as well as a couple of bright LEDs. I’m going to also assume there’s a battery or capacitor inside for storing up a charge so that you don’t need to continually crank the flashlight in order for it to work. You can get it from in black, blue or red for just $8.

[ Mini Dynamo Keychain 2-LED Flashlight ] VIA [ GeekAlerts ]


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