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Autobot Tumbler Concept Merges Fanboy Worlds

Autobot Tumbler Concept Merges Fanboy Worlds

Batman Tumbler Robot Concept (Image courtesy Jester Pictures)
By Andrew Liszewski

(Click here for a hi-res version of the above image.) There were definitely some mixed opinions about last year’s Transformers movie (worst movie of 2007!) but so far Christopher Nolan and crew seem to be doing a pretty good job of breathing life back into the Batman franchise. Of course Batman is nothing without his toys, and the Tumbler Batmobile is almost as much a star of the latest films as Christian Bale is. So I have to wonder why it’s taken so long for a fanboy to imagine what it would be like if the Batman and Transformers worlds merged.

Thankfully the fanboy responsible for this concept also appears to be an extremely talented 3D artist, and his Tumber Autobot Edition almost makes you wish the Tumbler became Batman’s sidekick instead of Robin. The concept image was originally posted to the Don Murphy Message Board by ‘JesterJJZ’, and the amount of detail that’s gone into the robot mode is quite astonishing. Now let’s just hope we eventually get an actual animation of this thing transforming.

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