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Contact Lenses With Circuits, Borg Hive Mind Upgrade To Follow

By Jonathan Kimak

Babak Parviz, an assistant professor of electrical engineering at the University of Washington, has created contact lenses that contain electronic circuits. He’s also going to add microLEDs so that the lenses will be able to display things on them. This would make them one of the tiniest personal displays ever made.

While a prototype has been created it is months away from being powered up. The current ideas for powering it up are via radio waves and miniature antennas attached to the lenses or by using solar cells.

Parviz hopes that his invention will be able to be useful in a variety of ways including computing, gaming and medical applications.

He left off one critical use that these contact lenses would be great for, namely becoming an international super-spy.

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  • Anonymous

    Kinetic energy powered……. there’s an idea.

    Why not add night vision capabilities, too?