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NES Cartridge = Handheld NES

NES Cartridge = Handheld NES

NESp (Images courtesy Darkeru via Forums)
By Andrew Liszewski

If you’re a fan of classic portable gaming then check out this handheld NES that’s been built into an actual NES cartridge. The NESp was created by the forum member ‘darkeru’ and features all of the standard NES controller buttons (including start and select hidden on the sides) as well as a decent sized color LCD screen. It’s powered by 3 n-cell batteries which are located on the bottom of the cartridge where the game pins originally were, and since having an NES cartridge slot for loading games would reduce its portability, the NESp uses a 99-games-in-1 NES ROM instead.

[ Forums – darkeru’s NESp ] VIA [ Joystiq ]


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