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Super SideBar Makes You Feel Like A Real Bartender

Super SideBar Makes You Feel Like A Real Bartender

By Luke Anderson

I’ve never been much of a drinker, but I tend to find drinking gadgets to be interesting. Take, for example this Super SideBar, which will dispense up to five different liquids at the touch of a button.

The device looks like a simple faucet, minus the sink. It has six buttons (one for on/off) that corrospond with various drinks that would be stored nearby. Each drink has its own separate pump, and can be set to dispense predefined amounts of liquid, or will simply pump on demand.

You’ll need to be throwing a lot of parties (or just drinking a lot in general) to justify something this fancy. It will set you back $499, which makes pouring drinks straight from the bottle sound like a better idea.

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