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Miracle Berry Tablets Mess With Your Tastebuds

Miracle Berry Tablets Mess With Your Tastebuds

By Luke Anderson

Anyone that knows me very well can tell you that I’m a horribly picky eater. I’m the kind of guy that hates going to fancy restaurants because I have to stare at the menu for ten minutes trying to find something that sounds halfway appetizing. I’m sure other picky eaters will be just as intrigued by these Miracle Berry Tablets.

Bear in mind that I’m skeptical of any serious product with the words “miracle” “magical” or “incredible” in their names. However, I’d be willing to try these tablets, as they promise to turn your tastebuds upside down for around 2 hours. They’ll generally make sweet things sour, and sour things sweet, but it will likely alter the flavor of just about anything.

For around $20 you can get yourself a pack of 10. I’m seriously tempted to try a pack, just for those times I have to eat with my in-laws.

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